About KALH

KALH Radio is a Community Variety Station providing the largest variety of music in the Tularosa Basin, daily local and regional news and comment, weather, and so much more. 

KALH is the Voice of the Tularosa Wildcats providing play-by-play coverage of games and proudly doing so since 2007… Go Wildcats! 


KALH Radio was founded in 2003 as an "Anti-Retirement Plan" for Ken Bass Founder of KALH. He had passion for radio and had been involved in radio since he was 14. Ken was always following the story and had a mission to provide the community with the news they needed to know. He passed on march 27th 2021 and he is missed everyday by his family, friends, community, and everyone at KALH Radio.

Those Behind the Scene

Programming & News


Anthony Lucero

Duchess Of Athletics

Tiffany Medlin

Tiffany Medlin

Operations & Marketing

Mattie Medlin



Chris Rollerson

Color Commentary

Larry Lecrone

On Air

Jane Medlin

Jane Medlin

The Tularosa Treat

Chance Medlin